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Airetex Compressors is the American distributor of LM.NT NITROX systems. These systems are a leader in the industry. Safe and dependable advanced engineering with a simple safe design.

The Airetex blending system is the final result of long and accurate studies and tests to obtain, with controlled flows and turbulences, correct and quick mixtures to suit the client needs. Please read product warnings.

The system can produce Nitrox, Heliair, Heliox, and Trimix mixes and it can be connected to the compressor inlet of any brand and capacity without any particular difficulty. Blending at low pressure produces a much safer oxygen-enriched mixture since blending is not performed in an atmosphere containing pure oxygen, which would be potentially dangerous, as is the case in partial pressure mixing.

The blending unit is built entirely of stainless steel, unlike the cheaper plastic casings used by our competitors. The quality of unit means no maintenaince required of you over time.

This allows us to offer a lifetime warranty on our blending systems, which is currently the best in the industry. The unit is easy to carry and it can be connected to any compressor, even one of different capacity and brand up to a maximum of 30,000 liters/hour.

With "AireTex" blending system it is possible to prepare mixtures up to 40% oxygen content.

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